Thursday, September 26, 2013

The SARA : Malaysia Local Label

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We would like to announce that we already open our online shop exclusively for Girls/Woman out there !

-Our main target for now is promo the new design of shawl with extreme fabric quality.
-To become Malaysia local label that can be independent without any help using our own capital.
-Start business using small capital and grow bigger day by day.
-To learn step by step managing our own product.
-We will bring many new design after this.We need your support.

Our first batch shawl design mostly from Dubai fabric. The quality of fabric is premium.

We hope can get support from all readers out there to makesure we can become big local design in Malaysia.Thank you

Can go to our main fan page : The Sara ( Hijabster )

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Scha Al Yahya willed tumors

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Scha Al Yahya willed tumors diagnosed in the womb - actress, host and model, Scha Al-Yahya was diagnosed with a tumor in the uterus or the scientific name Endometriosis after checking in Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar on 4 September.

Commenting on his reaction after getting to know there is a tumor in the cervix, Scha Al-Yahya expressed his surprise and did not expect suffered extreme stomach pain every time coming months due to these problems, quoted from Harian Metro.

"At first I just did a check on Sept 4 as chronic abdominal pain when menstruating. The situation worsened after marriage to have to rely on pain killers. "

"After for endoscopic, I was diagnosed with endometriosis, a tumor in the uterus. Despite its small size, it is in some places such as acne. Doctors advise that the tumor has not reached a serious level but if not removed, it can grow and endanger lives. "

"Though surprised, I am grateful to know the initial reason. On the advice of a doctor, I agree operated and do not want to wait any longer. Early even not have the heart to see me often chronic abdominal pain each time coming months. "

"The doctor punched a hole in the center and two on the edge of the abdomen to remove the tumor. Thanks my surgery was successful and was discharged on 7 September. "

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chin Peng : Who are you for Malaysia

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Chin Peng was born on October 21, 1924 , nicknames Ong Boon Hwa , head of the Communist Party of Malaya. He instead comes from China as many thought . Chin Peng was born in a small two- storey shop sells bicycles , at No. . 36 , Jalan Kampung Koh , Sitiawan which is located 50 kilometers southwest of the city of Ipoh, Perak . He was the second of six children who live in poverty . His father came from China and was disappointed by the economic downturn in 1930 .

Book of his memoirs titled " Chin Peng : History from my side " ( " Chin Peng : My Side of history" ) published in Singapore .

The story of his life
During a small Chin Peng interest once read print materials and highlights the developments in China . At that time there was a dispute between Chiang Kai Shek and Mao Tse Tung . The Japanese Army seized Manchuria and China dominate the interior . China is the birthplace of the father and his ancestors in the Kwantung .
During adolescence 15 years , Chin Peng have a feeling that is close to the western educated nationalist Chiang Kai Shek who dominate the southern China and Taiwan . But little book 'On War Protacted ' essay Mao Tze Tung changed his mind on the flow of communism . Clear determination to resist the Japanese invasion of Malaya after 1941.
In 1940 he was accepted into the Communist Party of China Communist Party branch overseas. He also joined Force 136 , an armed forces established by the British spy against the Japanese in Malaya. When the age of 18.

Chin Peng led MPAJA or Malayan People Anti- Japanese Army, a guerrilla force against the Japanese . British Army ( Force Special Air Services and MI6 ) are deployed in the jungles of Perak, has a variety of weapons , financing, training and a variety of other equipment to equip Force 136 and MPAJA . MPAJA Army attacked the Japanese on the banks of the Silver River near Pasir Salak in 1942 .
After World War II , some of the radical wing MPAJA acted out in the forest to kill punish those who collaborate with the Japanese and British stooge and also kill local leaders such as the Chieftain and the village priest as a tactic to strengthen their dominance. In addition, the radical faction in MPAJA also tried to grab administration especially in the south of Malaya.

Radical action in this MPAJA has angered the Malays who rose to fight the communists under several leaders such as Chief Red Sash Salleh . As a result of the reaction of the Malays , the Communist Party seized power failure even have to ask for the intervention of Tunku so calm Malay people who rise time.
In fact there are some facts that show that the number of parties in the Malay elite group that has raised the issue of racism and inciting Chinese / Malays in their effort to maintain their power . Malay elite group average anxious for the British to come back , thus allowing them a strong foothold in the domestic political affairs . Even parties that incite also a number of individuals and organizations labeled as the left and then successfully banned organization and arrest its leaders and members.

British troops return to the administration ( BMA ) in a short period causes the Star Three not been able to expand their influence . Consequences of failing to seize Star Three Malayan armed movements , has led to the dissolution of the agreement giving it the appearance and placement of military firearms as well as token payments to guerrillas involved.
On his honor to fight the Japanese occupation resistance , Chin Peng was invited to London to receive the medal of the Order of the British Empire "because a large share lead MPAJA and Force 136 against Japan . But his determination to set up a communist government in Malaya and the British and finally get rid of freeing Malaya increasingly break into boiling after that. Peace and progress in the city of London enhance sacrifice to fight in the jungles of Malaya.

Leading Communist Party
At age 23 , Chin Peng was appointed as Secretary General of the Communist Party of Malaya replace Lai Tek who was killed in Thailand . Lai Tek was a spy who had defected three points and took money Communist Party .
Under the leadership of the Communist Party of Malaya became aggressive and militant attacks farms , rubber warehouse , smokehouse and managers house owned by the British in Malaya . Thus the CPM members increasingly praised the courage and vision of Chin Peng . This tactic is destructive to the Communist Party as an indirect acceptance among the Malays.
Communist Party does not adopt athiesme . Although the main principles of communism written by Karl Marx did not believe in a god and say that religion is the opium of the people, but what happens in the land of the Malays at the time is that they practice religious principles , as we can see in one of the figures of the Communist Party of Malaya Pelita Harapan CD and Suraini Abdullah Abdullah . They still offer prayers five times as demanded by Islam even in the woods during the fight. They have also been performing the pilgrimage . Indeed Pelita Harapan was a pious and religious knowledge that high but he also teaches his grandson and several village boys read the Quran and Recitation .
During an emergency, in collaboration with the British Malay elite have launched psychological warfare of propaganda through the mass media to influence the minds of the Malays so that they are confident that the Communist Party was cruel and inappropriate follow. Malay people experience after World War II and the communist tactic which killed hundreds of innocent people caused predominantly Malay communists reject violent way . Malay struggle for independence without bloodshed unwelcome desire communist political power fell into the hands of those with the means to use violence and instill fear into the people in general .
Communist struggle can not be regarded as a struggle for independence because they are just fighting for the CPM and not for the independence of Malaya. This is evident , they continued their violent tactics even after Malaysia gained independence . Proven independence can be achieved not by blood spilling struggle in vain but with a more advantageous peace talks and beneficial to all parties.

Peace Agreement
Due to the difficulties and lack of support from the community , the leader of the Malayan Communist Party , Chin Peng has requested consultations held in 1955 . Baling Talks held at the National Primary School Tunku Putera , Baling in 1955 . Tunku Abdul Rahman who found Chin Peng refused to accept the terms of the dissolution of the CPM and refused to participate in elections through other parties as a condition for amnesty , act CPM disclaim that are allowed to move as a legitimate political party .
With the refusal of the Communist Party peace, Tunku Abdul Rahman of Malaya declared independence on August 31, 1957 at Stadium Merdeka without the Communist Party . Weak Communist Party pushed farther into the forest , sometimes even knocked out in Malaysia , particularly in Malaysia borders Thailand
Communist decline
After the collapse of communism in Russia and the fall of the Berlin Wall in East Germany in 1989 , CPM increasingly shaky . A peace agreement between the Government of Malaysia, Thailand and Malaysia have signed the Communist Party in Haadyai in 1989 . This agreement is known as Haadyai Agreement .
After 1989 there was no armed struggle . CPM members received a citizen and could go back to Malaysia . But the main leaders like Chin Peng and Pelita Harapan allowed just settled in a special village to Yala , Thailand .

Back to Malaysia
Chin Peng was carrying case in the court of Andhra Pradesh that he received back to Malaysia . Acceptance Chin Peng to return to Malaysia opposed by many relatives of victims of the Malayan Communist police and troops injured and killed . This is due to Chin Peng was the person responsible for the failure to insist Throw Consultation demanded that the Communist Party accepted as a political party , although it has been previously offered amnesty .
Chin Peng died in Bangkok
Former Communist Party of Malaya leader Chin Peng, who lives in exile in Thailand died in a hospital in Bangkok at 6.20am on Sept 16 2013. Thai media reports say , Chin Peng , 90 , died of old age .

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Julia Perez bikini revealed

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sexy actress Julia Perez just recently released from prison. Life in prison for several months seems to be making Jupe tired and need refreshing.

This is evidenced by the photos of her together with her lover, Gaston Castano. Both were seen enjoying a holiday in Bali, Bali.

Jupe had previously uploaded a number of photos with the players PBR activity when in Bali via Instagram. However, in one photograph, Jupe also uploaded a picture of herself wearing a sexy bikini and sunning next to the Gaston.

Jupe and Gaston intimacy that makes fans give support. "Teteh Jupe, cepet equally well married Oom Gastonnya. Amin," please fans

According to the plan, Jupe and Gaston will be married Sept. 7. Besides Bali, Jupe wants weddings in Argentina, the country of origin Gaston.

A few days ago the media in Indonesia shindig with the story of Julia Perez annul his marriage with her ​​lover Gaston Castano turbulence did not get the blessing of the mother Jupe and the difference principle.

But pictures of Julia Perez outrageously with her boyfriend already warm world of entertainment often-times we thought Indonesia.Kadang Julia Perez just find the name and popularity with pictures based just heat alone.

Let us pictures  Jupe and her lover during vacation .with bikini Julia Perez looks very sexy while on holiday with her ​​lover Gaston Castano in coastal South Buton, Southeast Sulawesi.


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