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DAMPAK : Triad in Malaysia issue

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Impact film director , Lai Yuk Long is not worried if the work orders that get a negative reaction from the audience following tells the story of the triad through the story .

Lai said , though secret societies when this issue but his work does not promote bad culture on the other hand displays a fictitious story packed with action scenes .

"I do not see the current issues being debated that would negatively impact this film but it should be on the positive side.

"Furthermore, this is an action movie and the story line is displayed only reality and fiction is not alone, " he said when met at the premiere of the film at e @ Curve here on Thursday .

Films to be screened on 19 September will feature the cast as Aaron Aziz , Farid Kamil , Diamond Ladyana , Juliana Evans , Michael Chin and Cat Farish .

In fact, said Lai , the overall impacts of the theme of friendship , family and the many displays of teaching should not choose the path of truth in life.

"I give this film name ' Impact ' because it means ' impact ' and if look at the story it describes the effects of one's actions if the wrong step in life , " said Lai .

In the meantime, Lai said he was proud of the cast of the film manages to do action characters well without the help of stunt actors .

Obviously Lai , commitment given by all the actors are very high and they are also a lot to provide input to ensure that his work can be done well.

" This is the first commercial film I ever produced and determination of all actors facilitate the work of the shooting that lasted for 22 days.

" Although Farid injured while doing one of the scenes in this film but he was eager to continue filming , " he said.

Meanwhile, Lai said , he emphasizes the focus on action scenes and lots of applying the concept of a novel form of graphic art impact to the film.

" We not only want to highlight the brawl scene but would like to translate it into an art form in order to give a fresh impression to the audience , " he said.

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