Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fida Ibrahim Sexy Body photo

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Today,i dont want to write soo much but i want to present hot photo of sexiest artis in hijab,Fida Ibrahim. Maybe nowaday ,hijab is just a trend without thinking about what are they wearing just now. Come on open your mind,think before fashion it sista !

If before, tights available in photo session for invited Fida dissatisfaction some parties, but they may have fundamentally complaints. Let us see photo Fida application (not a photo session), where it was tight image. Photo tights dissatisfaction invite some parties to Fida Ibrahim. Their comments, do not use mass adoption of the hijab if wearing tight. If you wanted to wear a tight, well open the veil!

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  1. Idiot girl, cute not enough if u have a brain cancer in your f''king head



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