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LINE apps : best ever apps

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Is the LINE? would have been a lot Droiders knows and even use the messenger application.Yes, LINE is a very good messenger application and its development is also very fast, lots of features that do not exist in other similar applications but there is to it, is that correct? let's discuss.

By NAVER LINE itself developed the original Japanese developers, namely messenger applications such as BBM, whatsapp, etc.. For now the new LINE OS can run on iOS and Android, I hope in the future could walk another OS like Whatsapp. and if so what are the advantages and disadvantages LINE applications other than applications Messenger?

Excess LINE:

1.LINE provide free service can call for free bertelphone among users cut costs LINE no pulse, simply use internet data.

2.Grup Messenger can be up to 100 members

3.LINE have telphone number as the Account ID as WhatsApp, but also can have a User ID to facilitate people to invite our IDs and we hide telphone number if it was privacy.

4.Add friend via QR code can be made free of charge via the LINE, something that is rare in similar applications.

5. LINE in addition to providing autotext emoticons and also adds new enhancements which Stickers, almost similar to emoticons but with more expression and big, and too light.

6.LINE provides features Block / Black List ID or HP No. we do not want, and also provide password security features to avoid other people open and view the contents of our conversation.

7.LINE allows use on Windows / MacOS, who has not possessed jd Ber Smartphone OS iOS (Iphone) or Android to Try via PC

Disadvantages LINE:
1. I think the data connection from LINE still not too stable, still not as good as whatsapp to send and receive data.

2.For Call feature will run smoothly if minimal 3G/HSDPA data path.

3.Not ready for the OS, WinPhone, Symbian and BB. (Depending by agan, whether this deficiency or excess).

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  1. Not really popular... my fren tkde pown yg guna apps ni...hurmmm, just chat with my family



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