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Scha Al Yahya willed tumors

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Scha Al Yahya willed tumors diagnosed in the womb - actress, host and model, Scha Al-Yahya was diagnosed with a tumor in the uterus or the scientific name Endometriosis after checking in Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar on 4 September.

Commenting on his reaction after getting to know there is a tumor in the cervix, Scha Al-Yahya expressed his surprise and did not expect suffered extreme stomach pain every time coming months due to these problems, quoted from Harian Metro.

"At first I just did a check on Sept 4 as chronic abdominal pain when menstruating. The situation worsened after marriage to have to rely on pain killers. "

"After for endoscopic, I was diagnosed with endometriosis, a tumor in the uterus. Despite its small size, it is in some places such as acne. Doctors advise that the tumor has not reached a serious level but if not removed, it can grow and endanger lives. "

"Though surprised, I am grateful to know the initial reason. On the advice of a doctor, I agree operated and do not want to wait any longer. Early even not have the heart to see me often chronic abdominal pain each time coming months. "

"The doctor punched a hole in the center and two on the edge of the abdomen to remove the tumor. Thanks my surgery was successful and was discharged on 7 September. "

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