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Soo Wincci being dinner escort ?

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Singer and actress Soo Wincci bad attitude a VIP revealed a Datuk who is willing to offer money of RM30, 000 just to be partner for a dinner and bed partner

Wincci , 27 , said the incident happened a few years ago when at the beginning of its emergence as an artist that really frightened .

"At the initial appearance , there are some individuals becoming mayor offered me money to invite me to do things they should not.

" I even came to a mayor after singing performances are willing to offer me money of RM30, 000 for the invite out to eat , " he said.

Wincci found at the launch of the video clip of the single ' latest Asmara Season Red Box karaoke at Sogo here on Wednesday .

Add former Miss World Malaysia 2008 , the same situation also occurs in Taiwan , tempar he spread his artistic wings .

"Near Taiwan even worse , all sorts of vagaries of rich people there offer themselves .

" But fortunately I am not a simple trust . Imagine what happens then if I engage with rich people who want to take advantage .

" Maybe art career I have earned over the years will be destroyed just like that, " he said.

Wincci also described the incident as it is part of the glamorous life of odd to go through .

Meanwhile, video clips Asmara season which also starred singer Akim Ahmad is the first stake when he is willing to invest a total of RM50, 000 to produce the work.

Tell Wincci , he chose Akim as a model as the video clip of the singer's ex resemble old .

" Maybe people will laugh when I say this but it's true face similar Akim my ex .

" But not until I'm falling in love with her because she already got a girlfriend , " selorohnya .

Wincci said , the clip will be broadcast via YouTube besides aiming to enter the program popular video clip MTV Asia .

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  1. your english is so bad, i couldnt understand =___=

    1. agree . kalau tak reti , tulis la bahasa melayu der .



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