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ERAvaganza Football Match Melaka

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Not only create new history , Eravaganza organized on August 31 last year has left a wonderful memory for the artists involved.

As the official portal Eravaganza , share scrawled happened before and after Eravaganza held at Stadium Hang Jebat , Melaka .

Special is that, video Travelog Murai also be broadcast on TV this week in which it includes moments of celebrities preparing to play ball until the end of the concert Eravaganza .

Here are scrawled Eravaganza :

1 . During his time in Ayer Keroh , the media has been served with sour spicy cuisine ( Asam Pedas )

2 . Since the hotel again, Soo Winci was eager to wear long socks full of sports shoes Adidas F50 green ball . All the fluffy white legs look with the bright green color sinari 

3 . Green jersey worn during the match FC Era , real warm jersey . Jersey color should coincide with the All-Stars Arena yellow.

4 . Incidentally Ultras Malacca were present to support the ERA FC because of the similarity color jersey.

5 . Our football legend , Dato ' Soh Chin Aun still active and to play all 25 minutes of the second half even at the age of 63 years .

6 . A number of people described Eravaganza Malacca has created a new history when almost half the space will be met at the Hang Jebat Stadium seats than a match involving a team of Malacca.

7 . When Soo Winci tasked the goalkeeper for the session with fans , many men shocked and was amazed to see his bravery.

8 . In addition to the artists involved , the fans also flocked to greet the players of Irfan Faza'il Young Tigers and Izham Tarmizi .

9 . After the match , some artist management representative sheepishly embarrassed in the dressing room for the players who look casually stripping in front of him not as familiar with the situation.

10. Azrul Raja Lawak supposed to play in the All-Star Team Arena was replaced at the last minute by Shiro Invite .

11.They do not know , in the beginning Man King Boys are not allowed in the stadium for not having pass . However , Man does not matter and finally in divided fans for supporting her simply as Jep who played in the Arena All-Star team .

12.Artis and media involved in Eravaganza stunned to see location sponsor Eravaganza beauty of Philea Resort & Spa , Ayer Keroh , Melaka .

13.Because fascinated by the beauty of Philea Resort & Spa , the management of Disturbed interested in making a music video shoot and there.

14.Fiq Mentor delayed until the Hang Jebat Stadium since missed the bus provided by the organizers .

15.For the whole matches , Zahid wife very romantic so do not overlook to give cheer to her husband, who play in team ERA FC .

16.Besides Zahid 's wife , the wife of the Islamic Izzue Awin also not lagging support . However , during the Izzue the field , Awin run errands Forteen two members who did not play the One and Rizuone .

17.Krew Eravaganza almost lost control as fans flocked to the ground posing with celebrities in attendance upon finishing the game.

18.Coach Ong Kim Swee seems more popular than a handful of artists . In fact , Ong Kim Swee not win the hand to entertain the audience who want to pose with it.

19.Before went to the stadium, the Philea Resort & Spa is a surprise by making a song flashmobe Date 31 .

20.After the match , it rained heavily the concert had to be postponed until an hour later .

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