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Akademi Fantasia : Zizan Razak worst ?

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Comedian Zizan Razak explained that he has a unique way of handling the delivery of the reality program Akademi Fantasia 2013 (AF 2013).

Zizan, 28, said the way was the performance demanded by the publication of a breath of Astro and the new concept of reality.

"It's too early if there is a host to assess my weakness AF 2013 at this first week. Give me a chance to see the development in the next weeks.

"The way my delivery for this program different from previous hosts makes the audience may feel a little awkward," he said when met at the launch of joint tourism packages Safirgotravel Zizan Razak, Johan As'ari, Jaafar Onn, Izzue Ashraf Muslim and Imam Muda, here, Monday.

At the ceremony, and Johan Zizan announced as the artist will join package tours to Abu Dhabi and Dubai on 18 and 23 November along Safirgotravel travel company.

Zizan emergence as a lawyer AF 2013 at Saturday's concert Prelude is rather bland to be an entertainment show phenomenon.

Add Zizan, he would apply the elements and earthy humor when handling stage AF 2013.

However, he said, is different from delivery programs ever run before.

"I want this program students are more relaxed and not too stressful or fearful.

"Although there is humor but it's different with my jokes are funny to say when it hosts programs such as Raja Lawak plan," he said.

Add Zizan, he assured the audience can accept the delivery way to program the new season.

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