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Syria's independence from French colonial rule in 1945 , and has been ruled by his own Syrian people until the time of Hafez al- Assad who has ruled for 32 years and was followed by his son Basyar Al - Assad who has ruled for 11 years . Syria has become a country ruled by a dictator .

Hafez al- Assad holding on Nusairiyah Shiites , who keep grudge against the people of Sunni Muslims , who berate and insult Aisha and Ummahatul Faithful Umar radi anhum , banned slaughter them , they do a variety of crimes , they do not pray in our mosques ( ASWJ ) .
The Syrian government backed by the famous Iranian Syiahnya , Hafez even own a Shiite extremists .
Sheikh Hassan further describing Syria where 6 percent of them are Shiite Alawie , 10 % of whom are Christians and 84% of the Sunni Muslim religious people . Defended Iran Hafez violent regime that kills its own people , as well as Hezbollah in Lebanon also supports actions Hafez Al - Assad .

START TIMES - ​​his father Hafez al- Assad in Hama - bloody conflict in 1982 and is valid for 27 days killed nearly 46000 thousand residents of Hama. This event causes the Syrian people from the political silence for a long time .
People began to back up against the tyranny that occurred since the last 8 months .
The beginning of a revolution took place in Hama , then spread to other cities such as Dar'aa , Hauran , but until it happens Halab in 157 places in Syria .

REVIVAL IS CAUSE : There is a group of children were within the 28 to play around and have to write something on the walls of their school . What is written by children are PEOPLE WANT GOVERNMENT drop . This slogan was echoed in the place of the people's negara2 . Syrian security forces have captured these children . They were tortured by plucking nails feet and hands. One has died and her family ask that child bodies and other child released. The government has put a condition where any childs want to release it , they should give them to women among person married by the Syrian government ( a form of insult ) , then there were uprisings in Syria .

1 - In the 42 days has killed as many as 4,000 Martyrs of the Syrian people .
2-39000 people were injured , they are not treated and left alone .
3 - An event in which a total of 19 doctors in the hospital and 40 patients in the hospital Assad's forces killed at Doma region .
4-9000 prisoners were taken .
5-413 people were martyred in prison.
6 - Women abducted and taken to unknown places . Women were raped in front brother , father , childs , and their family members . Before raped, handcuffed them first.
7 - A Ukhti named Zainab al- Husni from Hims , in Medina, Khalid ibn al - Walid . He was captured and raped by soldiers who want to arrest him. But her fight . So he killed and cut 4 cut .. The dismembered body was put into a plastic bag and then thrown into the front of his family .
8 - Say Takbir is something you do not.
9 - Telling change ilaha illah Basyar Asad .
10 - Basyar Assad also excluded from the group of Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims requires to kill .. 84% of the leadership positions held by Assad regime Basyar their families consisting of 3 large family , 6 % of these positions are from ethnic Ajam and 10 % more than the infidel .. No position of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaat .. atrocities against women and also too terrible kanak2 than Israel ..  Sunnis killed indiscriminately but not even a single Israeli blood spilled .. hasbunallahu wa neemal Wakeel ..
# OF PEOPLE WHO WILL out demonstrating performing ablution BATH AND CONFIDENT BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT BACK ...

Scholars Rabitah Syria founded by Dr. Ali Al- Sobuni and Rabithah World Scholars have concerning religious verdicts on the Syrian people to defend their home from military violence despite using a knife to base their judgment on the following hadith ;
# "He was killed defending his property, then he is a martyr : he was killed defending his family , then he is a martyr , or defend his religion , then he is a martyr " - hadith issued by Abu Dawud in his Sunan ( 2/275 ) and Al- Tirmidhi and validated Nasaie by Imam Al - Albaniy and Ahmad ( 1652 and 1653 ) from the path of Said bin Zaid and the chain is Saheeh .

1 - The future of this revival is so good . it continued and strengthened. Over 30,000 troops consisting of officers have been with the people. They were protecting orang2 down demonstrators could not stand cruelty Basyar Assad 's regime indiscriminately killing its own people.
2 -( Arab League ) has taken a stand on what has been done to the people of Syria . They do not allow officer Syria entered their land . but there are two countries that do not have a stand so that Iraq and Lebanon . Iraq has no opinion on it because Syria is a Shia leader and they always ask for help from Iraq because Iraq is a Shia country .
3 - Sheikh Yussuf Al - asserted Qaradawi has issued a fatwa that the people who died in such circumstances is a martyr ....
4-95 % Syrian scholars together in this uprising .
5-19 % Arab countries , made the political and economic sanctions on Syria .

1 - Overview of the Syrian quite obvious when explained by media2 , because the Sheikh Hassan sent to explain what is really happening in Syria ..
2 - west Media2 actually do not want the human world will know what happened in Syria . So they have distorted the facts.
3 - Sheikh Khalid Hasan storytelling, while he was in Indonesia and met a friend , a friend said he saw in the newspaper that many people support the Syrian government . Indonesia's TV broadcast that many people support the Syrian government led by Al - Assad Basyar . What actually happens is that the government has collected their officer to accumulate in other words want to show the world that Basyar Al - Assad has many people supporting him.
4 - Do not be fooled by statement we hear from members of the Syrian intellectuals and politicians that Syria Syria against Israel. But , since the days of al -Assad's father Basyar again ( Hafez al- Assad ) is not even a drop of ammunition to Israel . Even the Golan Heights Estate located in Syria has been dominated by Israel .
5 - We do not know much about the issue of Syria for this reason the media was controlled by Basyar Assad regime . While other media sources are not allowed into Syria to cover . All photos and video into evidence is the result of the recording of the chanting mob determined to record their own scourge and many of them have found a martyr . Some other recordings have been sold by the military regime of Assad Basyar at 100 dollars. Sheikh Dr Khalid Hassan Al - Hindawi is a special delegation Sheikh Dr. Yussuf Al -Qaradhawi to Southeast Asia to deliver and disseminate real news .

- Wish our brothers in Syria
- Provide assistance to them in terms of financial
- Spreading the real news about what is happening in Syria .

Remember brother, the Prophet Muhammad said in a hadith :
"Those who do not find out about other Muslims , then not among the U.S."
and remember going back to their place in the wrong :

KWH Kalam Ali : " Verily, the wrong state needed or when the true state is fixed till doomsday ."

Allah says in Surah Al - Isra 'verse 81 ;
" And say : Truth has (now) , and one thing has vanished ( kufurdan shirk ), for which one is indeed a thing to perish " .

Allah says in Surah Ar- Ra'd verse 17 : As for the foam will then discarded it passeth away , and the things that are beneficial to mankind, it remaineth in the earth . Thus doth Allah Such are the similitudes .
Jzkki akh Abu Abdullah
( Presented on December 6, 2011 at Union Putra Malaysia )

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