Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Julia Perez bikini revealed

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sexy actress Julia Perez just recently released from prison. Life in prison for several months seems to be making Jupe tired and need refreshing.

This is evidenced by the photos of her together with her lover, Gaston Castano. Both were seen enjoying a holiday in Bali, Bali.

Jupe had previously uploaded a number of photos with the players PBR activity when in Bali via Instagram. However, in one photograph, Jupe also uploaded a picture of herself wearing a sexy bikini and sunning next to the Gaston.

Jupe and Gaston intimacy that makes fans give support. "Teteh Jupe, cepet equally well married Oom Gastonnya. Amin," please fans

According to the plan, Jupe and Gaston will be married Sept. 7. Besides Bali, Jupe wants weddings in Argentina, the country of origin Gaston.

A few days ago the media in Indonesia shindig with the story of Julia Perez annul his marriage with her ​​lover Gaston Castano turbulence did not get the blessing of the mother Jupe and the difference principle.

But pictures of Julia Perez outrageously with her boyfriend already warm world of entertainment often-times we thought Indonesia.Kadang Julia Perez just find the name and popularity with pictures based just heat alone.

Let us pictures  Jupe and her lover during vacation .with bikini Julia Perez looks very sexy while on holiday with her ​​lover Gaston Castano in coastal South Buton, Southeast Sulawesi.

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