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Tanda Putera : Whats hot here ?

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Tanda Putera opens in theaters across the country two days before the celebration of the 56th Independence Day last week , did not respect the Tunku Abdul Rahman and Malaysia 's Father of service to the nation.

That's the opinion of film critic and Johanan Sen Umapagan Ampikaipakan when commenting about the film in their portal .

Umapagan opinion that the film is a form of propaganda because it is too lift service second Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak and his deputy Tun Dr Ismail but marginalize Tunku services .

"This film makes Tunku seem less intelligent and brave . Two days before Independence Day is worth the struggle Tunku brought low - down low like this? I think this is ridiculous.

" Yes , Tun Ismail and Tun Razak is a premier statesman but when describing their deeds , deeds of other leaders should not be brought low - down low . We do not say Bill Clinton was a great president , but JFK was not as good as any , " Umapagan said , which makes the comparison with both the president of the United States .

Sign Prince nurtured during the last days of Tunku and explores the rise of the youth in the Umno party amid riots May 13, 1969 .

Sign Prince , directed by Datin Paduka Shuhaimi Baba , was published at a cost of almost RM5 million , in part by a grant provided by FINAS and Multimedia Development Corporation ( MDEC ) .

The film was initially scheduled for airing in September of last year, but the show was delayed due to complaints that it contains scenes riots on May 13.

Shuhaimi , who criticized the accuracy of the historical facts of the film, at first defended but later admitted that Tanda Putera is his own interpretation of the historical event .

He also has repeatedly explained that Mark Prince is the story of friendship between Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Dr Ismail .

Among those who questioned the accuracy of historical facts is Johanan film .

"This film degrades us and history as if the film is allowed to interpret history according to his own way ( Shuhaimi ) without the question it , we obviously do not know about our own history and heritage .

" When patriotism is at a very low level , he ( Shuhaimi ) has interpret the film in a way that can not be forgiven , " he said.

Although they both agree that the discussion about Tanda Putera is necessary, they do not have the same views on how it is done . This includes whether the public will believe that the history of May 13 was like trying being filming.

" There is still a large majority of people will believe this film is the fact, " said Johanan before Umapagan quick answer : "Therefore, the debate about it begin here . "

However, they both criticized the film in terms of artwork including technical aspects .

Umapagan says the script of the film is very badly written and edited the film so bad that it looks like it was edited by a five year old boy .

Johanan also agreed but felt as though the film is edited by one who is raw or ' newbie ' .

" The first half of this film looks like a documentary from the History Channel channel that has not been used and it does not contain background noise or any interviews with historians . Movies looked like a reenactment compiled without proper storytelling aspects , " said Johanan .

Umapagan was more emphatic . In his opinion this film had absolutely no narration .

" I rarely watch a movie without any other quality which is able to redeem its shortcomings , this film is one of them . Narrative is very severe . Virtually no such dialogue . Written film so bad that it only contains the words simple like ' Oh , the Chinese cut ' , ' Oh Malay amok ' , " he said.

Page film review sessions Tanda Putera through podcasts. Both of them start discussions film through the " What The Flick ' on BFM radio before making comments on their own portal .

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